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Building financial FREEDOM through Real Estate. 

Master single-family and multi-family investing. From fix and flip to wholesaling, to rentals to multi-family and syndication. 

Learn from Dylan Borland who has been involved in real estate investing for 17 years with over 2,700 fix and flip properties, 108 single-family rentals, over 6,000 apartment units, and close to $200M in real estate private equity placed.

Join now for lifetime access at a price anyone can afford. I wanted to make The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) (The URIC) accessible to everyone. So, here you go! This course is your one-stop-shop for everything real estate and a step-by-step how-to on how you can have a successful real estate career.  Join the course that is changing the industry and most importantly changing lives! 

This course has helped thousands of people turn their investments into PROFITS. Let it help you, too. 

"What's most important to me is not selling high ticket courses at a price only a few can access, its getting you access to ALL of the information and resources you need at once to replace your income and change your life through real estate investing." -Dylan 

Learn the skills today! See for yourself. 


Included: Single Family Course 

Everything you need to master fix and flipping, wholesaling or building a rental portfolio  including full document center over 208 videos and deal analyzer. 

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Behind the Scenes SF

Included: Multi Family Course 

Everything you need to master building a multi family portfolio through syndication, from 4 units to 1,000+ units! Including full document center and our plug and play deal analyzer a $500 value! 

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Behind the scenes MF



Looking for more? Students of the URIC can book on demand coaching with Dylan at a huge discount! Through your student portal.

You can also decide to join our growing student only mastermind for both single family and multi family connect, network and grow with other URIC students! on our DISCORD platform. 

Choose from 4 great options below to connect and join the URIC! 

Both Single and Multi Family Course

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Join the URIC today for life!

  • Name your price at checkout! Pay what you can afford and think is fair. 
  • Lifetime access to the URIC online course. This includes full-on-demand access to everything you need to start or grow your single or multi-family investing business you get both courses for life!
  • Everything you need upfront no extra courses or next levels to purchase! 
  • Huge discount on coaching calls with Dylan for students only
  • Included group coaching call archive since 2018!
  • One time payment  
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Real Estate Investors Networking Group


Hosted on DISCORD

  • Preview behind the scenes at checkout 
  • Join our URIC student-only private group and mastermind and network with other students. Find partners, deals, share resources, tips and strategies. Form breakout sessions and masterminds,  Dedicated channels for freestyle, single family and multi-family. Start building valuable relationships in this space, it's a team sport, and many of your team are right here! 

* a one-time $50 setup fee is all you pay 


The 100 MF Mastermind



Take your real estate investing business to the ultimate level with The 100 (TM) private multi-family mastermind group 

  • Learn more (Watch now) 
  • A 100 participants cap of 40 newcomers and 60 seasoned.
  • You must close 1 deal a year or have 300+ units to stay in the group each year, no tire kickers! 
  • Work with Dylan weekly in group coaching.
  • Must attend 2 of 4 quarterly in-person meetings 1-3 days each. 
  • The group attends 2 educational events each year 
  • Expanded mastermind-only DISCORD group
  • Work within small groups of 10 for deeper relationships
  • Shared multi-family resources like sponsors, EMD's, Equity , Lenders, and much more within the mastermind

*You must qualify to join! Apply now 

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On Demand coaching


work with Dylan 1 on 1!

Work with Dylan 1 on 1 from 30-60 minute calls. These calls are laser focused so come prepared! 

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If you want to stay involved in the URIC and coaching with Dylan you can join now and get lifetime access to the course, simply choose any of the options above. 

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* The URIC is offered through a 7-day risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied within 7 days from purchase contact customer support at [email protected] and we will issue you a hassle-free refund. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase! After 7 days no refunds.