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The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) is a proven system and everything you need to build a predictable and duplicatable real estate investment business. Plus all the documents and support you will need! For single family and multi family investors! 

Learn fix and flip, wholesale, rentals and multi-family courses! 

FREE Speaking 

I am committed to helping no less than 1,000 people this year reach financial freedom through real estate Investing. I want to touch as many lives as possible. If you are interested in having someone speak on real estate investing I am offering free speaking for a limited time. Just email [email protected] 

Free Speaking 

  • 60-120 minutes 

  • Topics include Single Family and Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

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How to land your first investment property in 90 days or less. Register now as space is limited . 

Single Family Multi-Family

Inside the #URIC Course

Take a look inside the course that continues to grow and get better and better with each new student! The course that is making a profound impact on peoples lives!


Student Net Profits Since Launch!

Course Launch March 2018


Current top single family student to beat : 8 deals in first 90 days !

Current top Multi Family Student: 1 Deal in 2 weeks! 


Proven System

Dylan Borland shares with you EVERYTHING he does to do over 2,700 fix and flips, over 100 properties a year and build a rental portfolio of 108 properties in addition to placing over $180Min private equity in Multi Family assets. 

No Fluff!

This course was built to solve the dilemma of "no value" real estate courses once and for all. You'll get real world actionable items, no fluff , no surface level stuff we take a deep interactive dive. The course was built to give you everything you need to succeed and build a real sustainable business! 

Life Time Access

The course was designed to grow with you , we are always monitoring feedback and as new content is added you get it. Never any up sells. You get access to everything for life. In addition to monthly live Q & A support and a private student only Facebook Group. 

Real Results in 30-90 Days

What would one real estate investment deal earn you? $5,000? How about $20,000? maybe $50,000? Included is a proven, step by step, 90 day action plan that if followed 100% will get you , your first deal in 30-90 days. What would that mean for you, how could that change your life? It's that close to happening! 

Here's What You'll Learn

Quite frankly in The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM), you will learn everything you need to build a solid long term real estate investing buisness. This course was designed from the ground up with you in mind. First we surveyed hundreds of real estate investors across the nation on what they felt typical courses were lacking. Then we studied each response and included it all in the course! Second Dylan teaches you real world knowledge everything he does in his business daily to build a massive real estate empire. You will learn from Dylan's experience in personally doing over 2,700 fix and flips, over $250M in real estate volume and building a single family real estate portfolio of over 108 properties, in addition to Dylan's long career coaching dozens of students privately one on one. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, simply take someone who has had success in what it is you want to achieve and follow it.

This course it designed for the person who is simply trying to do their first deal in 30-90 days and get real results. The person who wants to learn and master wholesaling, or the person who wants to scale to 100 deals a year. We cover it all. This course is for the person that wants to build a long lasting predictable and duplicatable real estate investment business. Don't take our word for it listen to some of the real students below! 

"Dylan's teachings dive deeper than just real estate, he gives you the essence of building an all around successful life, this man has changed my life more than I could ever repay! "

Jeff Shipp

"In my honest opinion, this is the best course I have ever seen! I've been taking massive action since I started watching the videos. You could be charging ALOT! more for material access. This is life changing "

Kevin Flowers

"Dylan teaches straight to the point, no BS real world actionable items. The value provided in his content in immeasurable! Don't hesitate, if you follow what he says you will get results! "

Sophia Shen

"Dylan was my Coach and the whole experience was phenomenal. I was not a newbie at real estate investing and still learned valuable information that I use now on a daily basis."

Sharon Barnes

"Dylan's coaching took me from 0 deals to a deal a week in just 1 week! I was able to plug directly into a system that works and see instant and continued success. "

David Toupin

"Dylan is a hardworking, down to earth, entrepreneur who is an inspiration to real estate professionals across the country!"

Brian Davis

"Just trust him! I did and increased my business exponentially! You have to exercise blind faith and then follow what he says 100% not 99% "

Andrej Petrovski

"When I made the decision to get back into real estate in July of 2016 (the Great Recession kicked my butt and put me on the sidelines) I was googling REI and I found Dylan's sat am meeting on bigger pockets . I also attended his MFH syndication event I have also had a handful of real estate conversations with Dylan where he has always provided me with valuable information / insight and answers to my real estate questions. The steps I have taken and the people I have met on my real estate journey is largely due to Dylan and his sphere on influence"

Paul Evans

"I have attended several of Dylan's seminars and as an investor, the information he presents has been extremely valuable. He is straight to the point and makes the process exciting. Looking forward to taking the principles I have learned from his seminars and putting them into action this year."

Spike Boase

"After a decade of full-time experience in REI, Dylan knows what he's doing. But more importantly for his students, he's able to clearly and concisely present educational material and answer questions. He's been instrumental in increasing my REI knowledge and motivation."

Debra Ragan

"I went to The Borland Group Meet-up and the discussion was 2017 goals. I put it out there in front of everyone that my goal was to become debt free and Dylan showed how to compound that goal to the day and down to the number of appointments I needed to go on. Though I fell just shy of my goal I know that I exceeded my potential by tracking my numbers. 2017 was our best year yet. Thanks Borland Group!!"

David Gittens

"I would attend as many meetings as possible, Dylan's meetings are very informative and he would make sure you are always smarter leaving than you first arrived. He would spend time after the meeting to make you understood his information. Great person. "

Mike Aziz

"Dylan is a wealth of knowledge. I was very fortunate to find his meetup and learned an immense amount every time I went. It was like free college for me, and I wish I'd have found out about it sooner. I met some really great people at his meetup that I am still in touch with. Dylan was instrumental in giving me the information I needed and the encouragement to go out and buy my first investment property. Thanks Dylan! I appreciate it!"

Marc Nischan

"Dylan is hands down one of the best real estate coaches out there. His knowledge and processes are in-depth and ones he actually uses. I was able to easily use these processes he taught shortly after learning them. He does not give you half the information your need then try to up sell you to buy 10 other classes. I would highly recommend Dylan to new and seasoned investors."

Grant Dunkel

"This is the nuts and bolts, the building blocks, and a wholly integrated course capable of launching a thousand successful real estate investment firms."

Jamie Le Claire

"Great Lessons! Truly The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course! "

Noel Jones

"To be honest when I started this venture I had no idea what I was in for. I spent dumb amounts of money hoping the next course would answer my questions and your course not only simplified explaining what to do. You went further and actually explained beyond. Every course gives a full explanation of wholesaling to the tee, but if you want to know more, hey that is another course. Not only did you show your business wide open, you gave the exact steps of how to up it, not just talk about upping it. No one is doing that right out of the gate like you are. Man I could go on and on about how far and above this course is but you have things to do. The biggest message I got from your course was not the how to do things but take a second and actually think about what you want and how you want to invest your time. "

Josh Smith

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM)

Everything you need to build a long lasting real estate investing business and achieve results within 90 days. 


Pricing Options

7 day money back guarantee, no questions asked on all options.

Course and 6 months coaching


Included is both our single family course learn how to wholesale, flip and build a rental portfolio and also our multi family and syndication course. Also 6 months  of weekly group coaching with Dylan! 

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Course and 30 days coaching


Included is both our single family course learn how to wholesale, flip and build a rental portfolio and also our multi family and syndication course. Also 30 days of weekly group coaching with Dylan! 

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Elite 1 on 1


My highest form of coaching limited to 2 students at a time, work with me 1 on 1 weekly 60-90 minutes until you get your first contract and close, this program is intense is only for the most dedicated and serious. 

*Only available for Multi Family clients 

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About Dylan Borland


Dylan Borland bought his first investment property at the age of 17 and has never looked back! Since then hes completed over 2,700 investments the first 10 years of his career doing over 100 fix and flip properties a year, amassing a single family rental portfolio of 108 homes and in 2016 moving into multi family and private equity through Borland capital Partners having now placed over $180M in real estate private equity. Dylan is a sought after real estate expert and enjoys helping others reach their own version of financial freedom through the URIC. 

Learn more about Dylan at or Facebook or Youtube 

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