The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Course (TM) & Coaching #URIC

All the systems, processes , documents and most importantly support you need to start and grow your real estate investing business. 

Reaching financial freedom through real estate investing is much closer then you realize. 

A Peek Inside the course (Single Family)

Let the course speak for itself, Take a quick look inside the URIC Course before you buy. The only course that keeps on growing with new content added often you never get charged again! Once you're in you get all new content for life!


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A Peek Inside the course (Multi-Family)

Take look inside our Multi Family Investing Bootcamp.


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The URIC Course & Coaching 


(Limited QTY 1 time discounted offer)

  • 180+ training modules and growing
  • Full document center
  • Proven step by step 90 day action plan to land your first deal(s) in 90 days. 
  • Bonus! Weekly group coaching with Dylan!
  • Private student only mastermind and Facebookgroup
  • Option for lifetime access , never pay again
  • Student shared resource center (Priceless! ) (Resources like cash buyers, lenders, contractors etc) 
  • Deal underwriter  to easily underwrite and determine investments

Absolute satisfaction guarantee

Try the program and coaching risk free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 5 days and we'll refund you in full. 

Online Course & Systems

Complete online training course and systems all in one spot, with 180+ in depth modules and growing. Everything you need to start and grow your business. From the very beginner looking to just land their first deal to the advanced looking to scale to 100+ . Those focused on flips, wholesales or rentals & multi-family. New content added frequently  you never pay for "The next content" pay once in for life. 

Weekly Coaching focused on you

Take your business to the next level and add  weekly group coaching with Dylan direct! Having expert guidance on your side is absolutely invaluable . We are here with you step by step focused on providing incredible value and helping you succeed. 

Student only mastermind

A really great featuer of the course our student only mastermind and private Facebook group. Network with, share resources, share deals, find partners, investors, capital, advice, role play and script partners and more. All URIC students only, surround yourself with a like minded group of high achievers and together you all accomplish so much more. 


The Ultimate real estate investing course was designed with you in mind , to help you reach your version of financial freedom. The URIC was designed to give you everything you need, all the systems , processes and support in one place. Weather you a a very beginner just trying to land your first deal or a seasoned expert looking to scale to 100 properties a year through proven systems. 

You pay once for the URIC and get access for life, the course was designed to grow with you and new content is being added all the time, there is never a up sell or "now pay this to get to this level" Any time new content is added and the course grows it's automatically included in your portal. No more "multi level, pay to access the next level" course. There is 1 level, simply everything you need at all times! 

In addition The Ultimate Real Estate Investing course provides you with unparalleled support , work with Dylan direct each week with group coaching where the focus is 100% on you and solving any challenges in your business and holding you accountable to your goals. 

Absolute satisfaction guarantee

Try the program and coaching risk free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 5 days and we'll refund you in full. 


Battle tested , proven results 

You wouldn't go out to sea without a map would you? Then you shouldn't go into business without one either. The URIC includes a proven step by step  90 day action plan that takes the "thinking" out of the equation and all you have to focus on is the doing. So far students following our plan 100% (not 99%) have averaged 3 deals in their first 90 days and the top student 8 deals in 90 days. Combine the plan with the weekly coaching and there is no goal you cannot reach. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we missed on the FAQ? No problem just email us now at [email protected] and well respond same day!

Yes the course has a complete document center with sample documents for just about every scenario you can think of, the documents are downloadable and editable though we always advise you have a good real estate attorney prepare your docs for you . The docs are also ones we use in our business in Michigan, every state is different. If we ever miss a document you need its as simple as a quick email to us and we put it into the course, but by now we believe we haven't missed anything. If you can think of it, its in the document center. 

Some documents in the course for example 

  • Purchase agreement
  • Assignment agreement
  • Net sheet
  • Deal analyzer
  • Numbers tracker
  • Contractor agreements
  • Renovation and walk through check list
  • Leases
  • Land contracts
  • Joint ventures
  • Options
  • Subject to agreements 
  • Lease with options
  • Blank addendum's 
  • and dozens more 

Yes, the coaching calls are with Dylan direct. The course intro does a good job at walking you through what to do when you need help or guidance. We have coaching calls once a week where all non emergency questions should be held until. However we understand sometimes it cannot wait a deal strikes and you need help now, in that scenario we encourage you to do a few things 1) reach out to the private student group for help from other students or 2) Dylan has time set aside each day for emergency 1 on 1 calls you can book an on demand 1 on 1 call with Dylan right from your online portal.

The Ultimate Real Estate investing curse is our flagship course, it's everything Dylan did in his business to have purchased 108 Single family homes, over 2,700 fix and flips and includes details on every aspect of residential single family and 1-4 unit real estate investing from fix and flip, to building a rental portfolio 1-4 units to wholesaling.

As most of you know Dylan moved into Commercial real estate investing full time around 2016 and every year hosted  a Mult Family real estate investing bootcamp where we would teach you everything about investing in Multi Family and how to syndicate multi family deals. This bootcamp has turned into its own mini course and students are having incredible success with it and since it has grown. It still is an add on to the URIC however it does not come with coaching. So we encourage those who have an interest in commercial real estate to Join the URIC to get the lifetime weekly coaching and we throw in the bootcamp at no extra charge. You will see its already thrown in on this webinar special.

In addition we now offer two separate coaching calls each week. One coaching call for our single family 1-4 unit investors and 1 call for our commercial investors

By joining the URIC you get instant access to the following

  • Full online Course and document center , desktop and mobile compatible 
  • Never any up charge for new content added to the URIC 
  • Weekly group coaching and support
  • Access to the student only Facebook group and mastermind. 
  • Webinar only  special bonus, multi family investing boot-camp and syndication training.
  • Weekly group coaching 

Yes in the course we have our battled tested and sought after step by step 90 day action plan. The plan was designed to take the thinking “what do I do next” out of the equation so you can focus just on doing and getting results as quick as possible. The 90 day action plan has you develop goals you want to achieve over say the next 6-12 months then break them down to the daily action items needed to achieve those goals. So far students following the plan 100% (not 99.9%) combined with coaching each week have done on average their first 3 deals in 90 days, the top student 8 so far.

Right now group coaching is hosted on Thursdays 6:00 pm est. As the group expands and more students participate we will absolutely add more days and times as needed . The calls are hosted on zoom and students have the opportunity to be in “the hot” seat. When you are in the hot seat this is your chance to ask any questions you might have or that have come up during the week in your business. You can also screen share. Students often ask for help evaluating deals, help with processes and systems, help answering objections, help structuring deals or reviewing paperwork you name it, we also focus on holding you accountable to your goals . When a student is in the hot seat the focus is on you 100% we take as long as we need to there is no rush or “short answer” .

Right now we have two coaching calls split between Single Family investors 1-4 units which are Thursdays 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm est. and Multi Family and syndication coaching calls Thursdays 7:30 pm -9:00 pm est. 

All coaching calls are recorded and put into the course in case you miss a call or want to review or playback a call.

Yes we provide scripts and dialog and actively encourage daily role play and practice. 

Yes right now for a limited time we are offering as a bonus at no extra cost. Weekly group coaching for both single family and multi family.

For those looking to land their first deal or even those with experience who want to go back to the drawing board and learn how to scale we strongly encourage you to start at the very beginning of the course 1) Introduction 2) 90 day plan section then 3) Core Concepts section. Pay close attention to, download and follow the 90 day plan 

Dylan is  available however in the course we outline the best way to work through this, we understand when you get into action things come up that require urgent attention and cannot wait until the the group coaching call. In these situations we recommend first reach out to the student group for support from other students, the group is designed for this or you can always schedule a 1 on 1 coaching call on demand with Dylan for more in depth 1 on 1 coaching or urgent scenarios. Dylan sets aside time each day monday through friday for this and you can simply schedule through a link in your student portal. All non urgent questions should be held until the weekly group coaching.

Right now the weekly group coaching calls are Thusdays. However as the course continues to grow and more students attend the calls we will add more days and times. Right now Single family calls, fix and flip, rental, wholesale etc are Thursdays 6:00 pm est. Multi Family calls are Thursdays 7:30 pm est. Calls are recorded and added to the course. If you are working or have other engagements you need to set aside the time each week around the coaching calls and take your commitment seriously to your business and success. Simply plan to make the calls. You have to decide what is more important building your real estate investing business or “taking the family on a picnic” you get the point. Plan for it, schedule it and build everything else around it.

Coaching is for as long as you pay the monthly fee 

For a limited time we are offering weekly group coaching at no additional cost. 

"My honest opinion is that its the best course I have ever seen. I've been taking massive action since I started. Feeling fortunate and looking forward to interacting with you again soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You could be charging a lot more for this material and access. This is going to be life changing and push me over into the success i've been working for , for so long, I can feel it. "

Kevin Flowers

"I just started real estate investing and it has been an amazing journey so far! I took the course and within week I had my 1st house under contract!!! Needless to say I'm excited, cant wait to see where this is going to take my family and me. Thanks again Dylan I appreciate you! "

Jennifer Graves

"Thanks so much Dylan, the course and weekly calls have been second to none. As I stated before , Ive been around the block and have purchased several courses in the past. Your course is by far the best I have come across, and I dont think the students really realize the accuracy and amount of info given in the course. Thank you again for all you do, you are changing lives."

Joe Snow

"Dylan Borland has completely changed my life with his URIC program and coaching. To anyone thinking about joining URIC, I say if you interested in real estate investing and living life on your terms, join...Don't over think it, just do it. In my honest opinion, I think it would have cost me x1,000,000 more money if I didn't join...probably more. I really mean that. With Dylan's help, I now see how simple real estate investing can be. (Doesn't mean it's easy) But it is simple. Becoming a successful real estate investor with Dylan's help is like hiking a trail with the best topographical map, a video overview of the trail so you know what to expect and a radio to call a trail expert for help when you need it. With that type of guidance and support, there is no reason you can't be a successful investor. So if you are interested in investing in real estate and aren't afraid of working hard to make your dreams a reality, do your future self a favor and join URIC as soon as you can. It might just be one of the best decisions you ever make."

Greg Hickox

"I feel blessed to have found a step-by-step roadmap to guide my brand new real estate investing venture! You have saved me so much time and energy trying to learn it on my own or piece together what I could from internet searches. The course answered every question I had while researching how to actually execute my first deal. I can't wait to put what I've learned into actionI feel blessed to have found a step-by-step roadmap to guide my brand new real estate investing venture! You have saved me so much time and energy trying to learn it on my own or piece together what I could from internet searches. The course answered every question I had while researching how to actually execute my first deal. I can't wait to put what I've learned into action "

Amy Wheeler

"I am one that got stuck in "have to keep learning" course after course. The idea was in every course of what needed to be done. This course was literally a bullet point of do this then do that. It is literally laid out to learn what to do, then how to do it, now it is just on you to do it. Then when you hit your stride, it also goes farther as in here is how you scale, not like other courses that tell you to scale, but actually lays out the systems of how to do it, that is my favorite part. We can all learn what to do, but how to grow can be a challenge, it is all taken care of in this course."

Josh Smith

"“Dylan is hands down one of the best real estate coaches out there. His knowledge and processes are in- depth and one he actually uses. I was able to easily use these processes he taught shortly after learning them. He does not give you half the information you need then try to upsell you to buy 10 other classes. I would highly recommend Dylan to new and seasoned investors.” "

Grant Dunkel

"Dylan Borland is the Steve Job’s of Real Estate investing! Excited to take his commercial RE course this weekend. We are sitting in under his mentorship to build on our real estate division. Highly recommend you connect with the Real Millionaire Makers!"

Reginald Flowers

"To be honest when I started this venture I had no idea what I was in for. I spent dumb amounts of money hoping the next course would answer my questions and your course not only simplified explaining what to do. You went further and actually explained beyond. Every course gives a full explanation of wholesaling to the tee, but if you want to know more, hey that is another course. Not only did you show your business wide open, you gave the exact steps of how to up it, not just talk about upping it. No one is doing that right out of the gate like you are. Man I could go on and on about how far and above this course is but you have things to do. The biggest message I got from your course was not the how to do things but take a second and actually think about what you want and how you want to invest your time. "

Josh Comb

"Dylan’s teachings dive deeper that just real estate he gives your the essence of building an all around successful life, this man has changed my life more than I can ever repay"

Jeff Shipp

"“After a decade of full-time experience in REI, Dylan knows what he’s doing. But more importantly for his students, he’s able to clearly and concisely present educational material and answer questions. He’s been instrumental in increasing my REI knowledge and motivation” "

Debra Ragan

Summary of whats included 


  • 180+ training modules and growing
  • Full document center
  • Proven step by step 90 day action plan to land your first deal(s) in 90 days. 
  • Bonus: Weekly group coaching with Dylan!
  • Student only mastermind 
  • Student shared resource center (Priceless! ) (Resources like cash buyers, lenders, contractors etc) 



Absolute satisfaction guarantee

Try the program and coaching risk free and if you're not happy with it ask for a refund within 5 days and we'll refund you in full. 

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